Zhanna was born on the border of Russia and China. The place was so far from civilization that she was delivered home via a helicopter. Her dad was in the military and after USSR fell apart, her family moved to Kazakhstan.
           She spent majority of her teenage years in Almaty.  Her interest in photography started when she was 14; her family bought a point and shoot. She would run around the city posing her friends and taking pictures of them.
          Zhanna's parents never saw her hobby as a career and an art school was not even an option. At the age of 18 she left her home to study in United States.
          In college she jumped around a lot, Business Management, Accounting, Nursing. Finally after two years of trial and error, she decided to try Photography. She didn't know how to tell her conservative parents, that such an educated family of military people and doctors could somehow come up with a photographer. Her parents only found out about her career choice after she graduated.
          After college she started to assist and became a photo studio manager. Her love for digital art expressed itself not only in photography, but in retouching as well. After finishing her second degree in Corporate Communications, she decided to move to New York City in 2014. She threw all her photography equipment in the car and drove across the country. The rest is history :)
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